Watt Development

Our designs and plans the best for every customer photovoltaic project based on the nature of the project. Almost 550 MW of PV installed in different countries around the world endorse the prestige of our team and the success of our work.

What makes us different

Watt Development is specialized in finding an appropriate and specific solution to each of their clients. The experience of our professionals provides the best answer to the demands of any project


Watt Development is an Anglo-Spanish company based in Spain with an established track record of development energy PV projects.


Our experience in planning and construction give us the necessary skills to develop projects with a excellent investment IRR rate, which will make our projects suitable in the strictest markets.


Get control over the electricity cost is really important for industry.


The energy cost is variable risk  without control, with a big impact over the global revenue of the industry, Watt offers a electricy control through his PPA product, with different formulas applicable during a number of years, and after the period agreed, no more electricty cost, Free energy for your industry.

Our commitment

We achive becoming more competitive by reducing the overall costs of development and construction, going a step ahead of the market in both cost and quality service.

Watt Development combines technological development with the value of experience and in that invests time and effort in the development of knowledge and research on the latest advances in the field of solar energy. Thanks to this dedication we can improve the performance of our plants using advanced technologies.