• The value of expertise
  • Development and PPAs
  • In parnership with Watt
  • The key on engineering and management.
    More than 50 MW on rooftop, on large scale 750 MW
    (550 MW constructed) and over 150 MW developed
  • We work with a number of experienced partnerts to identify, promote, finance and develop large scale solar farms and PPAs in Europe
  • We can provide investors and development partners with investments opportunities at all points of the value chain from early investment in site promotion to the acquisition of operational solar farms and PPAs.

The company offers a personalized customer service based on the international experience of the best professionals in development of solar plants. Our team has participated over 300 projects worldwide.


Watt Development guarantees the best results, with a focus on leveraging resources and risk minimization strategy. Our goal is to improve the energy productivity of our customers and increase profitability.

Who we are

Watt Development is the sum of the expertise of companies in the industry of renewable energies

What do we do

Watt Development is specialized in finding appropriate and customer-specific formulas.


Our professionals and corporate partners are specialists in providing solutions to the demands of large scale solar farms and PPAs agreements from promote, finance, develop, construction and operation and maintenance.