Watt Development is the sum of the experience of several companies in the field of renewable energy




Project Engineering

400 MW constructed


Rooftop Projects

Watt Development is an Anglo-Spanish company fruit of the trade agreement of important companies in the energy sector, which has the experience of having participated in commissioning projects over 400 MW of power in different countries of Europe and America.

We all have a responsibility to improve

and care for our planet

We move for

• The determination to improve our environment.

• The commitment to our principles and our partners.

• The talent and experience of our professionals.

• The trust our customers place in us.

• The ethics and social responsibility.

Every 6 months more solar energy reaches the earth tan the total energy available in all worldwide reserves of coal, oil, gas and uranium (even if these could be used without disaster). Every hour more solar energy reaches the earth than the world uses annually for all purposes. This solar energy is inexhaustible.

Our goals

Watt Development maintains a firm commitment to the principles governing the liability of companies and individuals in the improvement and respect for our environment. We believe in what we do and why we do it. Our goal is to combine the efforts of all for a better use of natural resources, seeking alternative renewable energy to help reduce the environmental impact.